Rain or shine

At Jardin Nelson, the weather is perfect!

Thanks to our retractable awnings, parasols and pergolas, your comfort is assured. Even if it rains sometimes, our giant parasols cover our terraces so that you can continue your meal in perfect comfort. Our clients tell us that they find the Jardin Nelson particularly romantic when it rains. Our clients are always protected from bad weather, able to enjoy a hot drink and rhythmic jazz. On days when the sun is at its fiercest, the Jardin Nelson deploys its parasols so that our clients may be shaded. For those who prefer the sun, the front terrace with its retractable roof lets the sun’s rays warm you.

Fearing the cold when Mother Nature plays its tricks?

Even if the mercury falls, the Jardin Nelson has a high tech electric infra-red heating system to insure your comfort in all weather.

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