Tasty dishes in a unique atmosphere!

Bistro type of menu

Renowned early on for its savory crepes and deserts, today, in addition to crepes, we offer a simple and delicious bistro menu with a myriad of flavors from tasty salads, amazing pizzas, incredible duck leg confit and its salad, delicious pasta dishes and homemade duck “Pâté chinois” a traditional Quebec dish, reinvented.

Jardin Nelson’s menu

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New dishes on our bistro menu
Veggie Burger
Roast pork sandwich
Tostadas de mariscos
Nordic Shrimps tacos

Did you know that…

We offer you different vegan et gluten free recipes and items on the menu.

We use organic flour for the batter in all our crepes.

Indeed, a vast choice of maple product are available. In addition to traditional maple syrup, maple butter and maple candies we can find a whole range of products containing maple syrup such as smoked fish, ham, vinaigrettes, and soups.

Depending on your situation, please ask your waiter.

The menu of the Jardin Nelson offers Eco-responsible products. It also offers a variety of products  from the terroir like our famous Quebec Maple syrup.
Avocado and smoked salmon toast
Pulled Chicken Poke
French onion soup
Bagel Bénédict

A few of our delicious deserts

Our deserts are musts pleasures of our delicious menu.

3 layers of happiness
Giant cookie
Maple ice cream cup

See you soon on our beautiful terrace in Old Montreal